Sunday, November 1, 2009

Growing Tree Toys Review

Growing Tree Toys sells a large variety of educational toys and has an awesome Blog Sponsorship Program where you can review fun toys. I was sent the Transparent Marble Run to review. My boys love this. They are marble freaks and you can be sure to always find a few under my couch. This toy has really helped keep them corralled because they have been playing with the toy so much!

It is durable for my little rugrats and colorful too. They love watching the marbles go all over the place and waiting for them to come out on the bottom. The best part of the toy is that the child is able to create the maze they way they want to for endless possibilities.

The Growing Tree Toys retail location has helped bring happiness to “Happy Valley” by providing the best toys for children while creating awareness about how essential play is to their healthy physical, emotional, and social well being. Our knowledgeable staff strives to help customers find the perfect toy for any child, providing insight into the value of play and expert advice on the thousands of fantastic toys we carry. In addition to the amazing selection of toys, we offer many exciting activities for children at our store throughout the year that help inspire creativity and foster imagination – but most importantly, these activities are fun!

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