Thursday, October 8, 2009 Saves You Moola

If you are a blogger than you probably follow some blogs that have promo codes, free samples and discount coupons. I used to wonder where they got all of there great money saving tips. Now I know that there is a good chance that those blogs probably get all there great money saving tips from is a major resource for all of your money saving needs. This site is such a great place for me to get my coupons. I live in a small town where our newspapers don't have coupons. Can you believe it? Thankfully I can rely on to print out my coupons and then take them with me to the store. It is also good for those that don't have the time to clips coupons. It's easy as clicking a button.

For all of my readers that are into entering contests and giveaways- this is the place to go. All of you lucky ladies will have fun entering the Sweepstakes & Contests section for a variety of prizes for anything from free coffee for a year to beauty products. I really like that next to each offer is a star system to where people review and rate how much they like the offer.

My personal favorite is the Survey and Product Tests section. There are tons of legitimate sites listed that you can join to become a product tester for companies that we all use in our home.

I love getting free stuff. I also love getting samples in the mail so that I can try a product out before buying it. offers a large selection of free samples to choose from.

Joing is free and easy. It doesn't take long at all to sign up and doesn't require you to share a lot of personal info. To make your life a little easier and more frugal in this economy join


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