Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Love My Roomba!

Don't be jealous, this isn't a post to tell you how I got a free Roomba Robotic Vacuum. I wish it were! I purchased last year on Black Friday my very long awaited Roomba at a heck of a price. It has really helped me out around the house.

The reason why I wanted it so badly to begin with was because we were living in a house full of hardwood floors. I swept those floors everyday. It was amazing to me how quickly the floors accumulated dirt and crumbs and anything else my toddlers put on it. When I finally got my Roomba it was a life saver and has been ever since. With the press of a button it sucks up the mess on my floors. There is nothing better than sitting down while it does all of the work.

It is great at getting along the edges for me and it is so smart. It knows to go in another direction when something is in it's way like a door or an object. The only thing I don't like about it is that I have to pick up all of my kids clothes and toys off of the floor before it vacuums. (Note the sarcasm). I just need to find a gadget to do that for me and I will be set! If you have ever been on the fence about purchasing a robotic vacuum I highly recommend one.

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  1. God I have to get me one of these!Thanks for the review on it.


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